About Sal Provino

Sal has been involved in coaching, tutoring, mentoring and training people for the past 30 years and also specialises in personal and team development coaching. He is skilled in experiential learning methods and people draw strength from his seminars because he speaks with articulation and passion.
He conducts his programs in a relaxed and humorous style and he believes anyone can have an enjoyable and memorable learning experience given the right programming. As Sal puts it, “It depends on the type of software you are uploading to your necktop computer”.
Sal’s personal interests include oil painting, bonsai gardening, writing, meditation and cooking Italian cuisine for his family and friends.
He recently returned to Australia after living in Lake Como, Northern Italy, for over three years where he coached European business people and professionals on how to speak and present more effectively. He also taught English as a second language within the corporate circles and to university students.
His seminars and courses help people become more aware of what they can achieve with a focus on acquiring better leadership skills, developing more confidence, becoming more assertive, creating a better work ethic and enriching the sense of personal worth in his students. Sal believes that the quality of life comes from within, and not from the outside world. “If you want to change the world around you then change the way you think!” Practical methods are used to enhance the learning process.

In expressing his love for spoken languages and human culture he also teaches Italian to those with a desire to experience the passion of La Dolce Vita. He remains in contact with the other side of the globe and many of his European students to continue his work assisting them on how to Speak Better English. You can find some of his English teachings on YouTube by searching under ‘Sal Provino’, or English per italiani.