The following list represents a group of people who have been made honorary members of the Executive Speakers Club because of their dialectic skills and usage of the English language. Some of them have attended the seminars and courses offered in this site, but all of them are achievers and excellent speakers.


Roberta Furnaletto

Roberta is a fashion designer living and working in Milan, the city of fashion. She has designed work for Chanel and other major fashion houses. Her work is represented on the best known catwalks in Milan, Paris and New York.  She has mastered her second language. Speaking English is now a prerequisite of being part of the international stage.


Lorenzo Magenta

Lorenzo Magenta works in the Infectious Diseases Unit at Lugano Hospital in Switzerland. He regularly attends medical conferences abroad and presents his research material to other renowned specialists in this field. Speaking Better English has made it possible for him to raise his international profile, travel to more countries and perfect his presentation skills.


Guido Santi

Tessitura Santi is located at Casnate con Bernate in the Como basin (Lombardy, Northern Italy). A progressive Textile Manufacturing Company that Guido’s family started from scratch decades ago. He also contributes much of his time and talents to the Gruppo Giovani Industriali Como, which is a networking organization designed to assist budding young Italian industrialist entrepreneurs.


Andrea Ferrari

He is Guido Santi’s first cousin and is also making a valid contribution to Tessitura Santi’s success in the marketplace. The company is now one of the busiest and best known producers within the European rag trade. They specialize in weaving unique and innovative blends of new fabrics. They are pioneers in their field.


Stefano Santi

Director of Castagna, another progressive Textile Manufacturing Company and a vital arm of the Tessitura Santi Group. Stefano is Guido’s brother and he can boast a distinct comprehension of English usage with a clear pronunciation his peers are envious of. Stefano is also an achiever.


Francesco Corti

Te buck stops with Francesco at Tessitura Corti. His passion for expanding his knowledge of the English language has led him down a few prosperous pathways servicing many international customers in the world of fashion. He and his wife, Erika, enjoy practicing English with each other.


Robert McGrath

Robert is an account executive with the Telstra Corporation in Sydney, Australia. His work includes making presentations to large companies with the scope of providing millions of dollars worth of telephony each year. He is one of the original members of the first Executive Speakers Club established in the 1990s. He maintains a strong testimonial of how the techniques and courses have helped him reach such dizzying heights within the industry.


Mino Durante

Mino grew up in Salento (Puglia in Southern Italy). He studied industrial design at the ‘Politecnico di Milano University’ and then in 2007 moved to Modena. He now works in a company with a reputable Italian fashion brand and essentially designs frontline outlets in Italy and abroad. Very much a hands-on person, he also loves working with wood by designing and building hand-made furniture. Mino enjoys speaking English with his international contacts.


Simone Casalino

Simone lives in Montorfano (Como) and is a Notary. In his job he has the pleasure of meeting many fascinating people from around the world who are buying up Real Estate in and around Lake Como. His command of the English language has enabled him to service many interesting deals as he continues to service his clients in a professional manner that he finds totally satisfying.


Sandro Nespoli

Sandro lives in Switzerland, just over the border from his legal practice on Lake Como. Sandro is multi-lingual, a true gentleman and a scholar who enjoys a good debate and savours old English sayings and usage. His clientele is made up of people from all over the international scene. His pronunciation of the language is now near-perfect and his charismatic demeanour could have him mistaken for the ‘Humphrey Bogart’ of the Canton Ticino.


Raymond Galea

Ray was affiliated with the coveted 1 Commando Company based in Sydney, Australia. His professional career includes having been Managing Editor of the Guns Australia Magazine. His journalistic pathways have placed him in the firing line of many prominent members of society which he was able to confidently dodge using his speaking skills and ability to rationally debate a good point.



Alberto Saldarini

Alberto is a young achiever within the textile industry in Italy. His work is based in Como but it takes him to many other destinations around Europe. English is the official language used by European business and Alberto has excelled in it. Since improving his language skills he has been prmoted in his field and was also able to travel to the U.S.A., Mexico, Thailand and other counties on holiday. What most students learn in four years Alberto was able to accomplish within twelve months.


Gianni Lepri

Gianni works for Novartis Farma Spa, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Italy. As Sales Manager for the B.F. Respiratory Department he travels around Europe conducting and attending various corporate training sessions. His use of the English language has greatly enhanced his executive status within the organization. He lives in Tavernerio (Como), with his wife and two children.


Renato Di Napoli

Renato is an entrepreneur heading his own company within the industrial automotive industry in Europe. He spends a lot of time speaking to his English-speaking customers located in countries such as Germany and The U.K. His knowledge of the English language is commendable.


Chris Hartcher M.P.

Lives in a beautiful area north of Sydney, Australia with his wife and children. He is a Member of Parliament in the State of New South Wales and spends a lot of time representing his constituents in his area. He has a legal background and an excellent command of the English language. Chris is often invited as a keynote speaker to different functions. Chris has travelled extensively down the Amazon, across Siberia and has walked the famous World War II battle area of Kokoda, New Guinea. Chris is a former Minister for the Environment. He is a Latin scholar and has an interest in the evolution of Latin into the Romance languages.


Roberto Aramini

Roberto lives in the lakeside village of Cernobbio looking over Lake Como. He directs the affairs of his company called Confezioni Mary s.n.c. which specializes in producing and distributing designer children wear. Roberto travels extensively throughout Italy and also to his suppliers in Asia. Speaking English has opened up a few more horizons for his expanding business.


Valentina Reiner

Her family owns its own pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. Valentina heads the Research and Development department as chief chemist and researcher. Her knowledge of the English language helps her stay in touch with fellow scientists from around the globe and attend industry conventions.