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Basic Italian for Lovers

of La Dolce Vita


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LEARN ITALIAN QUICKLY AND EASILY... How to order a coffee, asking for directions, and more... much more! 


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student, this CD helps you to remember more words more often, so that you can understand what is being said and be able to reply in Italian with ease.


The Italian language produces perfect phonetics the mind enjoys as the words flow smoothly with a Baroque-like quality massaging your brain cells to keep them taught, healthy and fit.

Basic Italian for Lovers of "La Dolce Vita"

Studying Italian words and phrases is the best way of knowing the culture, the traditions.... and the passion. You will learn the best way of feeling Italian so that the language will musically reverberate through your mind, body and soul.

Now, learning Italian has been made easier and you will have so much fun understanding and being able to reply in no time... It's really that simple!


Learn at your own pace, in your own time...

The enhanced learning techniques employed in all our teaching methods will help create for you the best available environment for learning Italian in a shorter time, whilst having fun doing it. Some of our material is unique in the market place and designed to enhance your recall skills for better results.

What does the CD contain?


It's the next best thing to being there!

Now you can have fun learning one of the most beautiful languages ever created. Remember that REPETITION is the mother of learning, so, the more often you listen to this CD the quicker you will understand and speak Italian words.

It's like having your own full-time Tutor at your disposal 24 hours per day... 7 days a week... and all year round.

The Basic Italian CD is designed for people who are complete beginners or simply wishing to refresh their basic knowledge of Italian. Sixty-three minutes of fun learning with special guest, Don B.Laite... Who can make you an offer you can amuse. This CD offers the listener time to repeat words relating to numbers, proper Italian greetings, how to go shopping in Italy, vowels and sounds, telling time and time references, how to ask and answer questions in Italian, understanding directions, common modern phrases used in everyday conversation and more.... much more

This CD is designed to take you into the heart of the Italian lifestyle. You will dream of Italy and be present in the mental piazza of your choice.


All you have to do is just Listen and Learn...

 Dare to be there! Treat yourself to something Italian...


 Here is what others have to say:

 "I love the way Salvino delivers the information and made me feel the Italian experience. His stories make me want to be there now. I have always wanted to learn Italian and it is definitely fulfilling my goal. I have now put the hard word on my husband to take us to Italy." - Clare

The content has helped me feel very passionate and to want to succeed to speak more Italian." - Kathie

"I found the lessons very entertaining and Salvino made it personable for me." - Corrie

"I'm planning to travel to Italy soon, and my purpose of being able to understand and speak is being met." - Narelle

"I now value the details that I just skimmed over with my self teaching approach." - Ross

"It has helped me be more confident and encourages me to not be fearful but speak more Italian." - Therese

"The content has given me the confidence to speak in Italian and the incentive to practice." - Val

"My goal is being fulfilled very well, learning basics to be able to build on and hopefully understand (capire) when I go to Italy again!" - Michelle

"The mix of information about some history, culture, language and way of life keeps me interested and makes it all enjoyable." - Kate

"I have developed a better appreciation for the culture and language."  - David

"I love the ease and fun way of understanding with so much enthusiasm." - Mark


Like a fresh glass of fruity Chianti you will enrich your understanding of the Italian way of life whilst having fun listening and learning new words every day...


What have you got to lose? Have an Italian experience today!


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 Va bene?

What others take a long time to learn,

you will know in much less time!


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