How to Stay Motivated During Hard Times



When things go wrong - they go very wrong. The going gets tough and life dishes you out its worst. Your mind reels with negativity, the future seems grim and hopeless, you can’t sleep and there seems to be no way out of the hole. Self confidence suffers and all that you were has now changed forever.


How To Stay Motivated During Hard Times will help you develop the skills necessary to dust off the past and taking steps to live your life more abundantly with peace, happiness and joy. It is rich in tips and tools for getting ahead. It offers growth techniques for maximizing your strengths and building up your weaknesses. You will also learn techniques on how to reduce fear, project a better image, manage nervous situations and motivate yourself to become a better person and attract abundance. Why not put out your hand to receive the good stuff that you deserve?


It will help you find your own model for truth, at the same time increasing your own personal power by reinforcing your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional self.


If you have had an unsavoury emotional and significantly altering experience this book will help you reclaim your life. It will give you purpose and also benefit you if you are grooming yourself to rejoin the workforce or changing jobs. It will improve all aspects of your life. It is a guide to helping you find your own model for truth and discover what capabilities you truly possess. Renovate your future!


How To Stay Motivated During Hard Times presents a solution to the problem. It is your personal instruction manual for staying afloat and keeping your nose above the water level. It is a manual for getting back to happiness by generating peace in your every day existence. Like a night torch lighting the way along the track, it helps you regain your personal power and gives you know-how for living up to your own expectations.


Do you dare to move forward with confidence?



       Sal Provino, Basic Author